Thursday, July 31, 2008

When Athletes Blog - Beijing Bound Lauryn Williams

Norwich Union London Grand Prix

So you wanna know who keeps Lauryn Williams fired up? Well she shares that with fans on her blog.

Not only is she realy fast and one of the U.S. best hopes to win big in Beijing. Lauryn is humble and down to earth in a way that only a women who runs a sub-11 second 100-meters can be.

"Stockholm Victory"

"I won Stockholm! My first 100m ever on the circuit, (Great trivia question right?) As excited as I am, I am also very nervous. I don’t know what to do now. I never get on the line with the intention to lose, but somehow I always seem to come up short until the major championship. It has been a major goal of mine to become more consistent and as a result - dominant. Winning against a great field in Stockholm it would seem that I am headed in the right direction. What I am fighting mentally now is if I achieve this consistency what should I expect for the major championship… a WR?? LOL! I know that is very wishful thinking.

What exactly was it that came together for me? Was it that I was warmed up from the 4×100m relay? Everyone says I am better when there are rounds. Was it something I ate? (you laugh but every since I witnessed Asafa Powell drowning his eggs in salt the morning before the world record I definitely don’t think twice about my salt intake as it is not nearly as much as he ate in one sitting) Was it the massage? Was it that my Swedish Aunt and Uncle were present? Was it a inspirational email from Chief Inspirer? Who knows, nor do I have the time to dwell on it hopefully whatever “it” is will continue to keep me FAST!

I would however like to elaborate on the Chief Inspirer I just spoke of. In 2005, I received the Runner’s World Magazine Heroes of Running award and Dottie was one of the other recipients. After hearing the stories of all the other recipients I felt incredibly unworthy of the honor but was grateful for the experience. Dottie and I kept in touch and I am so grateful to have met her she is such an inspiration. Oh I guess I should tell you who she is… Dottie Lessard-O’Connor is a two-time transplant athlete. In 1994 she underwent a 12-hour, life-saving bi-lateral lung transplant as a result of cystic fibrosis. Twice during the operation her heart stopped.

Well now you know I am surrounded by people like Dottie who keep me grounded and so it is hard for me to lose sight on the fact that is this at the end of the day just a game and as long as I have done the best I can who cares what everyone else thinks. I know no matter how bad I think it is there are situations that could be far worse so I am always grateful for life breath and health. It is ok to whine sometimes but I limit all negative behavior to 24hrs then I MUST move on otherwise you will spend your life being miserable.

I am really looking forward to one more great run in London before I head home for three days then depart for Beijing. I will report back with the results."

Click here to read Lauryn Williams' full WCSN blog.

By Jay Hicks.

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