Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Watch Yourself In China: The Chinese Government Is Watching You

The lesson learned today is that you should probably leave your laptop computer home, if you are planning to attend the Olympic Games in Beijing.

In what may be just the beginning of more public relations nightmares to come for the organizers of the Olympic Games. The Chinese government has required hotels to install software that allows the Chinese government to spy guest charged a U.S. Senator. Those affected include: guests, U.S. government employees, athletes families, corporate travelers and members of the media.

"The Chinese government has put in place a system to spy on and gather information about every guest at hotels where Olympic visitors are staying," said the Republican Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas.

This news is neither shocking or unexpected despite previous guarantees of freedom from IOC. "My preoccupation and responsibility is to ensure that the games competitions are reported openly to the world," Kevan Gosper said, a senior IOC Official overseeing the games.

What the IOC really meant to say is that they offer a very small version of freedom that only exists in the minds of dreamers in China.

CNN is reporting that certain internet sites at the Main Press Center and other media work places have been blocked for journalist to retrieve information. The Beijing government routinely blocks access to Chinese Citizen.

Not complying with Beijing’s demands are not an option. Brownback said the hotels "have invested millions of dollars in their Chinese properties" and "could face severe retaliation from the Chinese government" if they refused to comply.

If you are going to Beijing it might just be best to leave the laptop at home and enjoy a 'drama- free' time at the Olympic Games and the members of the media are simply out of luck.

By Jay Hicks.


  1. Don't we do the same here? Anyone coming home or visiting the US is subject to having TSA search and copy their hard drive. Are you telling me we wouldn't spy on Chinese athletes if the games were here? What exactly is the news?

  2. I'll get my Olympic news from the newspapers.

  3. Mark: Thanks for sharing our thoughts and comments.

    You are right personal privacy is on the demise these days when flying--for obvious reasons.

    But, when was the last time that internet surfing threatened your imminent personal safety?

    If the Olympics see a protest of any sort, then the talking heads will come out saying that the Games aren't political. Or really?

    I'm just saying...


    Jay Hicks

  4. Of course they will shut internet. NBC and CBS would probably spend most of the time talking about Tibet and Tienanmen square instead of focusing on sports. Olympic games are the greatest sport event not a political stage for crap about Tibet, Taiwan etc.

  5. folks i've spent many a months in china, and there is a way around all of there blocks on the internet. Stop crying, and think a bit! it's very simple and anyone can do it.