Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tyson Gay Update!

-From Eugene, OR

After falling to the track yesterday and shaking up the 200-meter field, so far the news on Tyson Gay is looking good. Gay’s publicist said that he underwent an MRI late Saturday afternoon. The MRI showed a mild strain in the semitendinosus muscle. Which means the hamstring was not pulled.

The nation can release a collective sigh of relief.

The reigning 100 and 200 World champion is expected to engage in "active rest" for up to 12-14 days, with light physical activity increasing through that period, and then resume training. Tyson's only confirmed pre-Olympic competition is the 100-meters at the Aviva London Grand Prix on July 25, and that is still on the schedule.

The London Grand Prix will provide a look at the health of Gay's hamstring and the level of his physical conditioning heading into the Beijing.

Gay has qualified in the 100-meters and is eligible to run on the 4x100 meter relay. His hopes of competing in the Olympics at 200-meters were dashed yesterday. Track and field, unlike gymnastics, does not allow for an appeal. He is in the same position as Sanya Richards a year ago, when she was unable to compete at the World Championships after finishing fourth at the U.S. nationals, even though she had dominated the sport during the season. Regardless of his world rankings, he will not be able to compete in the 200 in Beijing.

"I believe in the system, remember in 2000 [Sydney Olympics] when two of our marquee athletes went down in the 200-meters. You can't say that politics are involved in the process. The athletes made the team. It wasn't someone's opinion or what an athlete did earlier in their careers, they earned the spot. It is what it is," said U.S. Olympic Team head coach Bubba Thorton.

Great. How about instituting a fail safe switch in the process if an athlete is a world champion or comes into the trial ranked #1 in the world, there is a provision in the case of a freak situation that would keep them from making the U.S. Olympic team.

Hopefully, this will spark a new dialogue about whether a modification needs to be made to the U.S Olympic team selection process to ensure the best athletes represent the country at championship events.

By Jay Hicks.


  1. The "dialogue" has been ongoing for many, many years. Injury is unfortunate, but it's part of the game and part of the process. Many athletes I know believe our current system is the fairest on the planet.

    Glad to see the injury is not a major one.

  2. Hi sauerkraut: You are absolutely correct, it is not a new story and it's a fair system as possible.

    The Tyson Gay situation though makes us all rethink the Olympic Trials as we know. Is there a way to add a slight modification to ensure a reigning world champion that goes in ranked # 1 or #2 in the world is on the Oly team?

    Let us know what you think sauerkraut?

  3. Aside from Mr. 9.68, i think Shawn Crawford looked very strong, and mark my words, he will be a medalist in Beijing. Wallace better run the damn turn, or his medal dreams will drift away as well.