Friday, July 18, 2008

Mavado's Music Video About Asafa Powell Is Jamaican Culture!

Track & field is a way of life in Jamaica. Dig this video of the making of Mavado’s, “On The Go, Faster Than a Bullet” a tribute song to Asafa Powell and his homeland of Jamaica. The popular Jamaican dancehall artist dropped a hot song! The island of 2.8 million will be jumping if a Jamaican born athlete wins the gold in Beijing.

Jamaica "home of the fastest man alive," loves their sprinters. Below are a pair of customized pair of Nikes in honor of Mavado and Asafa Powell and have 9.74 etched on the side.

Nike sponsored the project which looks like fun times were had by all, especially Asafa. The song is also available for purchase on I-Tunes, as well as Asafa’s Train For Speed Workout Playlist.

The 30 minute soundtrack includes hits by Sister Nancy, Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder, and of course Mavado. You can check out Asafa’s Train for Speed soundtrack at

Click here to watch the official music video on youtube.

By Jay Hicks.


  1. Alright Alright! I'm actually digging this concept! Great for Jamaica, major pressure for Asafa! LOL!
    The song has got that movie triumph feel to it, and the way they shot the video is classic. They give you a glimpse at the heart of Jamaica, its sport, its music, its people, its hero... not bad at all.

    Black, green, and gold have always been consistent for this country repp'n their country's flag to the fullest.
    On the other hand, where is the running shoe edition, for obvious reasons?

    Will Asafa rise to the occasion? For Gods sake, he's got a soundtrack, and a country behind him? Let's ask Usain.... LMAAAAAOOOOO!!!!

  2. Thats Pretty cool.

  3. utactionfigure: Jamaica definately brings their flavor to their track world! Powell needs all the help he can get to take down Bolt.

    anonymous: It really is cool.