Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Sneak Peek At The American Olympic Uniform By Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Aims For Gold.

Every Olympic Games is measured on how well the Opening Ceremonies and the athletic events frame up on the television screen.

Guestofaguest.com has provided exclusive photos of the American Olympic Uniform by Ralph Lauren. They will be televised to a global audience which is already tipped to top four billion people.

Did you expect anything less? The U.S. Team Uniforms are as iconic a figure as the polo symbol. According to Ralph Lauren the designs reached back to Jesse Owens in 1936, to deliver a classic endeavor.

Ralph Lauren made wonderful use of rich red white and blue colors, and his choice of pieces and their cuts will certainly drape the Americans in sartorial splendor. For the opening ceremony, the men and women will have a double vent navy blazer with safari pleats on the back as well as a white driving hat and canvas walking shoes.

For the closing ceremony, Ralph opted for a more casual look that includes white shorts, a red, white, and blue rope belt, a classic polo shirt and a sleeveless sweater. Expect our athletes to look dapper!

By Jay Hicks.

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