Thursday, July 3, 2008

Running Film Festival Unlike Anything Else!

The first annual Running Film Festival (RFF) kicked off today, July 3rd and runs until Saturday, July 5th at Columbia Hall (corner of University and 13th Street) in Eugene, OR. The film festival has met with major success from the fans and media alike.

This film festival based on running films is unlike anything else in the United States. A total of 19 movies are to be previewed, and select films have director question and answer sessions afterwards. Today, I was especially taken by Chasing Bolt, a Matt Taylor film chronicling the journey of 100-meter record holder Usain Bolt to Beijing. What is interesting is that the project was put together well before Bolt's run at the 100-meters emerged on the scene.

The Running Film Festival entrance.
Newly minted 800 Olympian Nick Symmonds (r) and RFF co-organizer Adam Jacobs (r) of TheFinalSprint.
Getting out the word on the one-of-a kind Running Film Festival.

Emmy-Award Winning broadcaster & journalist Toni Reavis & Matt Taylor, director of 'Chasing Bolt", discussing Taylor's latest film.

By Jay Hicks.


  1. New and innovative ideas like the Running Film Festival should be commended especially by the athletes, trainers and all other participants of the running world. Great idea! Great job to the creators!

  2. Jodi: The Running Film Festival has been well received by fans, coaches, and athletes alike. I'm happy to have witnessed the event and hope to attend the event again next year.


    Jay Hicks

  3. Hi Jay - I just wanted to let you know that the Chasing Bolt project officially launched today. You can start following Usain's journey to Beijing at:

    Matt Taylor