Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Final Lap: Keep It Pushin’

A picture is worth 10,000 words. 'Beijing-or-Bust' read the t-shirt of Lolo Jones at her hometown send-off as she heads for her first Olympic Games. Since winning the Olympic Trials, Lolo has been rolling, and the world is slowly finding out that she is just as energetic and charismatic in person even after flying across the country with no sleep.

The Iowa native is doing her thing before the opening ceremonies of the Olympics--taking in the moment. The 100-meter hurdle champion surprised a single mother of two whose home was damaged by flooding with a $12,000 check. What a class act. Wasn't it just a minute ago that Lolo was so broke she sat in her Baton Rouge apartment sweltering after practice because she couldn't afford air conditioning?

  • Are we there yet? Hopefully, we have traveled past the Trevor Graham exit on the track and field highway. Reuters.
  • Lolo Jones gets a flashy hometown send-off. WCF
  • Usain Bolt probably has a few more tricks up his Puma. IAAF
  • She may need help counting all of her money. Allyson Felix cashes in on the Olympic year. MW
  • It doesn't stop. Does Baylor have another 400 champ in the making? IAAF
By Jay Hicks.

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