Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tyson Gay’s ESPN The Magazine Feature Story Now On Newsstands

ESPN The Mag has produced arguably the best articles on Tyson Gay that I’ve seen in the lead up to the Beijing Olympic Games.

The issue hit newsstands on Monday and features an exclusive story “Ladies Man,” about Tyson Gay that was written by Luke Cyphers. The piece explores the three invaluable women in his life: Veronica Campbell-Brown, Daisy Gay Lowe, and Tiffany Gay.

An exclusive feature piece of this magnitude is typically reserved for Lebron, Tiger, or Shaq. Cyphers holds nothing back as he fills in the blanks where most pieces on track and field figures typically leave off.

Tyson Gay heads to Beijing to contend for Olympic gold after winning the 100-meters at the U.S. Olympic Trials.

As ESPN tells us:

"He'd be getting off the bus when a girl he'd always looked up to would challenge him to a race and beat him, yet again. Or he'd be on his couch, whiling away a sticky Kentucky summer in front of the TV and a woman he always looked up to would push him out the door to run the hills behind their house. Or he'd be staring at his lane on the track, whiling away the minutes between training sprints on a hot Arkansas afternoon—no coach to tell him what to do, no telling what would become of his career—and a young woman he'd always looked up to would give a nod, and they'd line up and work on his start again. And when one of his million-dollar legs betrayed him, when four years of work seemed to evaporate in a painful instant, the women he always looked up to were there to stop the tears, to let him know things would work out. To reassure him that there's always a reason.”
This feature story on Tyson Gay is now on newsstands now or can be found at

By Jay Hicks.

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