Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Hardest Team to Make by Nike Is Hard to Miss!

-From Eugene, Oregon

The sights in and around Hayward Field are overwhelming figures of Nike. The place is bought and paid for Phil Knight and company.

The presence of the Beaverton, Oregon-based apparel maker is beyond strong. Many of the greater Eugene area employees from hotels, restaurants, bars, and vendors all sport the ‘08 Eugene shirts boldly displaying the Nike symbol.

The city buses have various billboards featuring the Nike swoosh, and the Hayward Stadium is plastered with the company's images. Look to buy a t-shirt with an Adidas logo, and you would be out of luck because they are not here.

Nike is reportedly a seven-figure contributor to the Olympic Trials, and most businesses are forbidden to sell any product that competes directly with Nike. Without the company's support, the best Olympic Trials ever hosted would not be possible.

Adidas has set up booths at the Villard Street Pub, which is a pub located near the track. The Adidas logo is also plastered on the feet and bodies of the Olympic Trials’ biggest stars, such as Tyson Gay and Jeremy Wariner.

By Jay Hicks.

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