Thursday, May 1, 2008

When Athletes Blog - Sanya Richards

Sanya Richards has taken to her WCSN blog to talk about what is on her mind- The University of Texas.

She said:

"How lucky am I to have gone to the University of
Texas! We have some of the
best resources in the world and I am so fortunate
to still have access to all of
them. It is amazing to be able to workout in
the same place as Chicago Bear’s
Cedric Benson, Tennessee Titans’ Michael
Griffin, athletes like Jamal Charles,
Limas Sweed, Brandon Foster, and
Marcus Griffin all entering this years draft.
The guy in the back of the
picture behind Cedric and I, is Bruce Johnson, our
strength coach. He is an
amazing coach and part of the reason that I have had so
much success over
the past few years. Missing from this picture is my honey New
York Giants’
Aaron Ross, Minnesota Vikings’ Cedric Griffin, and Tennessee
Titans’ Vince
Yo ung. They are usually there with us but are currently with
their teams
for some early season training.

Texas is becoming a mecca for world class
athletes and I am so happy to be a
part of it. It is extremely inspirational
to be able to workout with athletes of
this caliber and we push each other
all the time. Just the other day Cedric
Griffin, Ross and I did speed work
together and I am almost positive there are
very few women in the world that
get to train with guys like that!

Well, until next time…… keep reading!"

By Jay Hicks, a.k.a. Track Evangelist.

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