Thursday, May 1, 2008

Breaux Greer, Track's Wildest Man!

Track athletes had better get to entertaining folks or run the risk a living a life of anonymity buried deep in the bowels of cable tv—oh wait that’s happening now. They better dance, sing, do something. The stakes are too high. Running fast times is not enough to cut the mustard in a society dominated by Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears. Track should tap it’s resources such as Breaux Greer.

Eight time American javelin champion Breaux Greer, is an entertaining guy who should get more media spotlight. The girls like him, and guys like to hang with him. He demands your attention and could easily steal the show at the Olympic trials.

The joke cracking, outspoken warrior wears all black gear and hopes to be the first American to medal in javelin since the 1972 Olympics. That’s a long time.

You have got to check out Breaux’s recent ESPN The Magazine interview. This guy is no joke. He is only the best American in the sport for the last eight years and is one of the country’s most seasoned pro track athletes.

By Jay Hicks, a.k.a. Track Evangelist.


  1. Once again you are exactly right...

    Let's get some excitment going before we all fall asleep from the boring on going drug allegations :0oh my....

    I am really loving The Javelin Go Breaux!!

  2. @ Lorraine: The sport needs to get out of it's own way and showcase the wide range of talent in track & field. You're right, Breaux makes you cheer for the javelin--which almost never happens.

    Jay Hicks

  3. I think Javelin is really going to shine and I will be the fist saying I loved the Javelin before it was popular :)

  4. @ Lorraine: You are right, the field events don't get nearly enough focus. Do you think Breaux will win the trials?

    Jay Hicks