Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When athletes blog - Lauryn Williams

There are 85 days until the Beijing Olympics. In the last week, Lauryn Williams has started to run some open 100-meter races. The Olympic hopeful explains on her WCSN blog.

“Penn Relays was great!! I love being back in my home state! The crowd is great the atmosphere is wonderful! It is also nice to be on the track with all the big names in US sprinting and not be against them but operating as a unit and we were unstoppable!! USA read and USA Blue finishing in 1st and 2nd and there was even a USA white team that although they didn’t compete was composed of premiere sprinters as well. This just goes to show the depth that US sprinting has and how hard it is going to be to be one of the three that makes the cut at the trials. I am up to the challenge and making sure I am as prepared as possible.

Well I am off to the races! My Theme for the year is DO NOT wish me luck! Luck is for those who have not prepared. All I need is hard work and GOD so if your up to it please pray for me I have definitely worked hard so that part is done! I will report back so with the results until then…GODSPEED!!”

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By Jay Hicks, a.k.a. Track Evangelist.

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