Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When Athletes Blog – Lauryn Williams

Lauryn Williams took her blog to discuss the hot 100-meter race at the Adidas Track Classic. What’s funny is the pro sprinter takes pride in another Lauren Williams, the daughter to Trackmom.com winning L.A.'s Fastest Kid race.

Read what Lauren had to say.

"Wheww! I survived it!! The toughtest field ever…well as far as I am concerned.

Track should have far better following than it does! After all in other sports u spend all year building up for 1 big event then once it is over you have to wait a whole year for it 2 bulid up again and then your team might not be in the championship!! Not in track! You get GREAT races with all the hot names and constant excitement with surprises in the plot on a regular basis. This weekend was a perfect example. 8 of the hottest women in the sprints ALL capable of running sub11 times on the line at the same time!! I can guarantee it was a better line up than any final you can put on the line in Beijing because u can only have 3 people per country and America and Jamaica have far more qualified depth than that! There was a B race where the winning time would have been 4th place in the A heat! Then there are those who chose to either run another event or just weren’t present that you must also watch out for. ( ie. Muna Lee, Miki Barber, Sharone Simpson and Simone Facey just to name a few.) It wasn’t just our event either I could write a book about how much talent was at the adidas track classic. Hopefully you tuned in so you know just exactly what I am talking about.

Although my 9 race winning streak came to an end there was a Lauren Williams that was not only lighting fast but victorious! I believe she’s 8 but had the composure of an adult as she raced down the track to a first place finish from lane 1. She showed that lanes don’t decifer who wins races heart, training and talent does. I wish her the best in her budding career and hope she continues to represent the Williams name well!"

By Jay Hicks.

Photo courtesy Matthias Clamer.


  1. Hey Jay,Great post.My little lauren Loved it!She is so oumped up right now I wish every track kid could experience what she is feeling. Keep up the great work


  2. @ Lorraine: Lauren ran a great race at the adidas Track Classic. I'm sure you are very proud. Tell her to keep up the good work!

    Jay Hicks