Friday, August 15, 2008

The Winner Will Be The Fastest Human Ever

Olympics Day 7 - Athletics

Is This The Biggest Race In History?

It’s hard to recall a race with as much anticipation as this 100-meter race. As most of the world knows a three-way race for gold will happen between Tyson Gay, Usain Bolt, and Asafa Powell. Without a question, they are three bone fide superstars of the sport.

This race has all of the makings of a mega sports attraction. It could not be hosted on a larger stage. The stature and hype of the Olympic Games by far exceeds that of the Super Bowl or the Soccer World Cup.

I am going to throw out a couple of names that can not be overlooked for this race. Former NCAA champion Walter Dix, should not be discounted in this race and my sleeper pick to medal. He maintains a low-profile, but Dix has actually won a number of big races in his career, albeit not on this large of a stage. He is under no pressure to win the race, which is a recipe for him to wreak havoc in the finals.

Darvis Patton is a relatively unknown fact by media standards. This 30-year-old veteran sprinter is running with a sense of urgency, knowing that more than likely he will not compete in another Olympic Games. Patton has made tremendous strides this season and making the medal stand would close out what has been so far, a brilliant season.

While the discussion of this race has been endless, here is something else to consider. There are four rounds of the 100-meters. Winning this glamorous event at the Olympics is much more about strength, rather than pure speed.

Who do you think will win gold? Below are the Prerace Jitters predictions for the finals of the 100-meters.

100-meter Predictions:

1. Tyson Gay, USA
2. Usain Bolt, Jamaica
3. Walter Dix, USA
4. Asafa Powell, Jamaica
5. Darvis Patton, USA

By Jay Hicks.

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