Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mr. August – Jeremy Wariner Saves His Best For Late Summer

The Texan is the favorite to win gold tomorrow.

The jury is in, Jeremy Wariner is officially the man to beat tomorrow. The former Baylor standout knows how to win the big races and now the long awaited 400-meters showdown is finally here.

Wariner should be called “Mr. August,” for delivering clutch performances when it counts. In 2004, Wariner won took the NCAA title, indoors and outdoors, won the Olympic Trials, and then grabbed the Olympic Games. Since then he has won every honor, title, and achievement except that of the world record held by Michael Johnson.

So what about Wariner makes him so special?

Well for starters it is his mission and vocation in life to run the one lap race. On top of that, he has an analytical mind, and is a strong race strategist. Lastly his work ethic is unparalled. Wariner's drive keeps him hungry to continue training hard. His confidence is supreme because he knows that he has put in the work in practice.

Wariner could have ducked Merritt until the Olympic Trials but did not.

To put things in perspective, here is a small list highlighting some of Wariner's big races and fast times. Just keep in mind that last year in Osaka, he reeled in LaShawn Merritt to win the world title in the fastest race he has ever run.

  • 2004: Olympics – 44.00 – Personal Record – August 23
  • 2005: Helsinki WC – 43.93 – Personal Record - August 12
  • 2006: Rome – 43.62 – July 14 -(non- World Champion year)
  • 2007: Osaka WC – 43.45 – Personal Record – August 31
However this time around, expect Wariner's new rival LaShawn Merritt to put himself in a better position, so it will be a battle of will in the final 80 meters of the race between the two great 400-meter runners.

Prerace Jitters Predictions:

Jeremy Wariner: 43.35 – Personal Record
LaShawn Merritt: 43.80 – Personal Record

By Jay Hicks.

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