Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Asafa Powell Hopes The Nike Aerofly Gives Him The Slight Edge In Beijing

In a race when .01 seconds means the difference between Olympic history and second place, sprinters are looking for every legal advantage in the 100-meter final. The three way race between Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay, and Asafa Powell means that every precious millisecond really counts. All three sprinters will be sporting custom designed shoes.

In comes the Nike Zoom Aerofly, which is the spike of choice by Jamaica's Asafa Powell. Having held the previous world record, the Jamaican born sprinter who is seeking to re-write the history books in Beijing.

The shoe is looks aggressive--which is the mentality he needs to win in Beijing.

The shoes construction and results are legendary. Imagine a paper-thin shoe whose only support comes from threads. This is Flywire. A revolutionary technology, its high-strength threads work like cables on a suspension bridge with support engineered precisely where a foot needs it.

Flywire allowed Nike to make its lightest and strongest footwear ever, transforming how footwear is engineered by reducing the amount of material required for the upper of a shoe to the bare minimum. Thanks to this innovation, track spikes with Flywire are now under 100g – a weight never before achieved – without compromising on durability or integrity and support.

Comfort is the number one aspect of a running shoe.

Powell recently said, "It felt fast. It’s very tight, but still comfortable. It wraps around my foot, yet its movement is not stiff and you don't have to cramp your toes.”

Will these shoes deliver gold for Powell?

By Jay Hicks.


  1. Wow!! Will the shoe make the man??? LOL
    Now, its really getting interesting for Powell. A theme song, a custom made shoe from the latest technology, an underdog spotlight on his back...
    Bolt, Gay, and Powell are the fastest ever to compete in the 100!!!
    OMG, the suspense is killing me!!!
    On the real, this is some sh** straight out of a comic book!!!!


  2. UTactionfigure: As Terrell Owens would says, "You better get your popcorn."


    Jay Hicks
    Prerace Jitters