Saturday, August 30, 2008

When Athletes Blog - David Oliver

IAAF Golden League - Zurich

There's a reason that David Oliver is one of the world's top three hurdlers. He recently placed second by a hair to world record holder and Olympic champion Dayron Robles of Cuba by .01 seconds in Zurich. The results were 12.97 to 12.98.

Oliver is arguably his harshest critic and is constantly striving to improve his hurdling technique. The U.S. Olympic Trials champion will get another crack at Robles in Lausanne, Switzerland where the two go head-to-head again.

Immediately after the race Oliver took to his blog to share with fans exactly what is on his mind. Here is what David Oliver had to say:

110 Hurdles (+0.3)
1) Robles 12.97
2) D.O. 12.98
3) Noga 13.37
4) Merritt 13.41
5) Svoboda 13.48
6) Yo-El 13.55
7) Phillips 13.60
8) Van der Westen 13.68
9) Moore DNF

"I really thought that I had a chance to pull of the win, but I floated the first hurdle and was playing catch up the entire race, which I did a good job of. I haven't seen the race yet, but I will watch it on the Slingbox tomorrow. I am happy with my performance this evening, but not satisfied."
Click here to read David Oliver's full blog.

By Jay Hicks.

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