Friday, August 15, 2008

Nike's Growing Presence In Beijing

Adidas is the official sponsor of the Olympic Games, but Nike has a larger presence in Beijing.
This summer many spectators will have the opportunity to experience Nike’s obsession with faster, lighter, stronger products first hand at Nike’s House of Innovation, located at Nike 706, in Beijing’s vibrant 798 art district.

The Nike Swoosh is everywhere throughout Beijing. China is already Nike's second largest market and hit $1 billion in sales a year ahead of the goal they set.

The Oregon-based athletic apparel giant just opened a huge 13,000 square foot store in Beijing.

The Beijing store is the largest of approximately 3,000 Nike retail destinations now open in China.

There are huge pictures of NBA star Kobe Bryant rocking the Team USA jersey.

Milwaukee Bucks rookie Yi Jian is well represented, too. American NBA star Li Ning, according to my sources, has countless billboards and a very strong presence in Beijing.

The Nike stores are reportedly selling product that isn't available in the U.S.. The Air Force One shoes are featured in "Beijing" styles.

Li-Ning has more billboards and more of a presence than any other in the Wanfujing shopping district.

Nike is aggresively pushing growth in China.

By Jay Hicks.

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