Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Usain Bolt Wins 200M Gold In World Record Time

Olympics Day 12 - Athletics
Usain Bolt delivered another jaw dropping moment to add to his 100-meter gold.

-Beijing-Michael Phelps may be the darling of NBC but Usain Bolt is a rising international superstar that demands your attention.

Usain Bolt has put his signature stamp on the 2008 Beijing Games and the 200-meter world record performance established him in history amongst the greatest sprinters to ever lace up spikes such as Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, and Lee Evans.

Bolt's time of 19.30 eclipsed Michael Johnson's 12 year-old world record by .02. The 6 foot, 5 inch sprinting phenom is the first sprinter to set two world records at an Olympic Games.

Bolt has answered all questions about what his 200m race would look like if he ran from the start.

The sport was in dire need of story that blows away the cloudy issues of doping and scandal. The precocious Jamaican is a rare, brilliant sprinter that combines a long stride with blinding foot turn over and a passion for racing to deliver mind blowing results.

"Incredible," Michael Johnson said. "He got an incredible start. Guys of 6-5 should not be able to start like that. It's that long, massive stride. He's eating up so much more track than others. He came in focused, knowing he would likely win the gold and he's got the record."

Shawn Crawford took silver, and Walter Dix was awarded bronze after teammate Wallace Spearmon and Churandy Martina were both disqualified for running out of their respective lanes.

The more you watch Bolt run that more it becomes evident that he can run much faster and that he may reign supreme in the sport for a long time to come.

By Jay Hicks.

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  1. Date of birth of Usain Bolt is 21 which adds up to 3.
    Bolt broke Michael Johnson’s 200m record set before 12(1+2=3) years-that is in 1996.
    12 years before Michael Johnson’s record,Carl Lewis had created the record of claiming the sprint double.Now,Bolt has emulated this.
    Most surprisingly,the number of jersey worn by Bolt was related to number.The number was 2163. (2+1+6+3=12,1+2=3)