Friday, September 12, 2008

Usain Bolt Big In Mainstream NFL

Terrell Owens does Usain Bolt Inspired Celebration Move.

As if rocking the Beijing Games were not enough, he has now inspired some of the NFL's best entertainers.

Usain Bolt caused Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver Terrell Owens to receive a 15-yard penalty for throwing a shout out to the Jamaican megastar.

T.O. is obsessed with Jamaica's Usain Bolt and on the HBO's Hard Knocks he said on camera if he had a 20-yard lead that he can beat the triple Olympic champ and world record holder.

After catching a 35-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter, Owens lined up at the goal line like a sprinter at the start of a 100-meter dash. It was a entertaining reminder of T.O's challenge to Bolt.

Meaning that Owens believes he can run 80 meters (actually about 82 meters, since Owens expressed his head start in yards) in less than 9.69 seconds.

If the world learned anything this year, it is to put your money on Bolt, every time.

By Jay Hicks.

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  1. Im going with TO. As the great Pat Summerall says: TOUCHDOWN TERRELL OWENS!

    TO SUB 9.7! (for 82 meters.)