Thursday, September 25, 2008

Olympian Greene Survives To Dance Another Day

In case you missed the action, the judges liked what they saw on the dance floor. Two-time Olympic gold medalist Maurice Greene and his dance partner Cheryl Burke managed to stay alive for another week on ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

The starting blocks are his natural work place, but Greene really shined in the solo spots on the dance floor. His charisma and personality really come through when he seemed to just be having a lot fun.

Two-time show champion Cheryl Burke deserves a great deal of credit. She again showed an understanding of make her partners come off really well and Greene did an impressive job partnering.

Phone lines, text votes (AT&T customers only) and online polls will open at the top of each performance show so that viewers can vote for their favorites. Phone and text lines will remain open until noon (Eastern Time) on the day of the results show.

To vote for Maurice Greene, dial 800-868-3404. The text-in code is 3404.

Anyone can get voted off at any time on this show. Can Maurice Greene make it past week 2?

Jay Hicks for Prerace Jitters.

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