Friday, April 11, 2008

When athletes blog: Sanya Richards at

The 400-meter specialist, Sanya Richards, took to her blog to give an insight into what is on her mind with the Olympics just six months away.

Sanya’s Top Ten Sports Wishlist

    10. Yao Ming regaining full health and prepared to compete for his country in Beijing

    9. Dwayne Wade back 100%

    8. The Texas Longhorns Men’s BBall team going all the way

    7. Carolina Kluft going for her second heptathalon Olympic

    6. Ronaldino being named footballer of the year again

    5. A great replacement for Craig Masback as CEO of USA Track & Field

    4. Nichole Denby, Lauryn Williams, Walter Davis, & Wallace Spearmon all making the Olympic Team

    3. Bershawn Jackson winning a portion of the million dollar golden league Jackpot

    2. Aaron Ross making it to the Pro Bowl in 200

    1. Me winning the 400m Gold in Beijing!

By Jay Hicks, a.k.a. Track Evangelist.

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