Monday, April 14, 2008


Track athletes on the other side of the ocean are doing it big in tv land. The British tv show, Gladiators, will feature track stars and other Olympic athletes in lyrca-clad outfits. The former Brit Olympic 400-meter runner, Du'aine Ladejo, leads a crew of past and present track stars to headline ‘Gladiators’.

The British show will see former 400-meter runner Du’aine take on contestants under the name of Predator, alongside several other finely honed sports stars. You might recall that Ladejo won two Olympic medals as part of the British 4 x 400 men’s relay team in the 1992 and 1996 Olympics.

Ladejo, who was a contestant on British reality show Celebrity Love Island in 2005, will be joined by former heptathlete Jenny Pacey, seen at the top left. Pacey is also a model and will be known on the show as Enigma, and Lucy Boggis, is tipped to be a star at the 2012 Olympics, will be Tempest.

“I've been practicing my signature pose which is a flick of my hair, a wave and then I blow a kiss,” says 19-year-old up and coming track star, Boggis, who is seen to the right.

So I tell you, we have been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led a stray in this country! The newly revived U.S. version of the Gladiators is a vastly inferior product. The U.S. show with Hulk Hogan should be recast immediately with some of America’s top track athletes. Who wants to sign a petition to our elected officials to get this rectified today?

By Jay Hicks, a.k.a. Track Evangelist.

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  1. Hot post! Univ. of Texas Alum REPRESENT! Ladejo may have had his issues back in the day, and those of you that "KNOW" sprinters know what I mean! However, without further due, live and in person...

    "Track & Field, Worldwide Baby!"