Monday, April 14, 2008

When athletes blog: Lauryn Williams at

Lauryn Williams opens up about her first-time experience strutting her stuff on a different runway - a modeling runway. She premiered as a model for a good cause in her hometown of Miami.

The former 100-meter champion took time on her blog to chat with fans about her races, night life, and who she cheers for when she isn’t running.

Says Lauren:

March 29 was my big debut in the Jockstarzz Fashion Show to benefit the Kevin Everett Foundation, which raises money for spinal cord research. It was so nice to be able to support a fellow Hurricane alumnus and Kevin’s fiancĂ©e, Wiande, who is my good friend, in anyway I can. Kevin is a living miracle and a true testament that you can’t take a single moment of life for granted and that you need to be appreciative of what you have, because in seconds your world can shatter.

I was sooo nervous about being in the fashion show. First of all, I was scheduled to wear a PINK dress and very high heels, which would make me about one foot taller. I have to tell you that I am not a good example of how a female should walk in heels. I am truly an athlete. Second, I am very shy. I am not at all good with being on stage in front of an audience. Even though I was terrified, I was determined to do my best. But halfway down the runway, my shoes, which were too big, started to slip off. I didn’t’ want to ruin the show by bending down and fixing them, so I slowed down my walk, which was already awkward, and took my time.

Click here to read her full blog.

By Jay Hicks, a.k.a. Track Evangelist

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