Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Willie Gault Tapped As New CEO

You may recall when he a part of the world record 4x100-meter relay, or when he qualified for the 1980 Moscow Games, or when caught for over 100 yards as a part of the Superbowl Chicago Bears. Willie Gault achieved a lot during his athletic career.

It was recently announced that legend Willie Gault has agreed to become co-CEO of SignaLife. Signalife, Inc. announced that Willie Gault - whose passion has led to the formation of Athletes for Life - the non-profit charity who sponsored heart screenings at which the lives of patients across the country have been saved, including 16-year old high school athlete Josh Nails - has been appointed co-CEO of the Company to handle all operations.

On behalf of investors as well as individually, Mr. Gault has achieved numerous large mergers and acquisitions in various industries throughout the 50-United States, and manages these investment interests for a vast array of clients nationally and internationally.

Mr. Gault's initial salary shall be $1.00 per annum, until the Company is profitable.
Mr. Gault also commented: "I am honored to take on this position. Every person deserves not to die suddenly. In no other disease state can it be said that "this disease can kill instantly." The exception is stroke, however, even that can be prevented by good comprehensive physician-screenings.

Jay Hicks for Prerace Jitters.

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