Sunday, November 2, 2008

Radcliffe Repeat NYC Marathon Champion

Paula Radcliffe defended her title at the New York City Marathon on Saturday to become the second woman to win the race three times.

Marilson Gomes dos Santos of Brazil won the men's race for the second time in three years. With about one mile to go, he passing Abderrahim Goumri.

Unlike Radcliffe's tight victories in 2004 and '07, the world record holder from Britain pulled away from Ludmila Petrova of Russia at about the 22nd mile mark to win comfortably in 2 hours, 23 minutes, 56 seconds.

"The last two times it's been a really close finish at the end," Radcliffe said. "It was nice to make it a little easier on the husband."

Kara Goucher, in her marathon debut, took third. She became the first American to claim victory since Anne Marie Letko was third in 1994. Goucher posted the fastest time in a marathon debut by an American woman, breaking Deena Kastor's record established back in 2001.

Radcliffe said afterwards,"It was tough out there this year because of the wind. ... Everybody wanted to run behind me," Radcliffe said. "This year I was determined to feel comfortable at the halfway point."

Top-ten finishers (unofficial times):

1. Marilson Gomes Dos Santos, BRA 2:08:43
2. Abderrahim Goumri, MAR 2:09:07
3. Daniel Rono, KEN 2:11:22
4. Paul Tergat, KEN 2:13:10
5. Abderrahime Bouramdane, MAR 2:13:33
6. Abdi Abdirahman, USA 2:14:17
7. Josh Rohatinsky, USA 2:14:23
8. Jason Lehmkuhle, USA 2:14:30
9. Hosea Rotich, KEN 2:15:26
10. Bolota Asmerom, USA 2:16:37

1. Paula Radcliffe, GBR 2:23:56
2. Ludmila Petrova, RUS 2:25:43
3. Kara Goucher, USA 2:25:53
4. Rita Jeptoo, KEN 2:27:49
5. Catherine Ndereba, KEN 2:29:14
6. Gete Wami, ETH 2:29:25
7. Dire Tune, ETH 2:29:28
8. Lidia Simon, ROU 2:30:04
9. Lyubov Morgunova, RUS 2:30:38
10. Katie Mcgregor,USA 2:31:14

Jay Hicks for Prerace Jitters

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