Saturday, June 14, 2008

When Athletes Blog—Sanya Richards!

Being the top ranked 400 meter runner on the planet has some perks. Sanya Richards has taken to her WCSN blog to discuss some of the rich and famous that she had had the pleasure of running into.

“I’ve been lucky to meet some really cool people over the past year. I’ve met Eva Longoria, Dr. J, Rick Ross, Sandy from Salt n Pepa, Kirk Franklin, Flava Flav and others. I always love meeting people who you see on TV because they aren’t always the people they portray to be, or sometimes they are EXACTLY the same.I briefly interacted with Dr. J and Eva Longoria, they both seemed to be really cool and down to earth. Rick Ross was as laid back as he appears in his videos. He performed at the party I threw for Aaron Ross and Nichole Denby last year and he was really easy to work with. I told him exactly how I wanted him to make his entrance and he had no problems. The entire night he kept giving all three of us shout outs and he performed for longer than we agreed. I thought that was admirable and humble of him.

Kirk Franklin is really nice too! He’s always at the Texas Relays because he is great friends with Jon Drummond but he is also a fan of track and field which I think is great! The funniest and most memorable interaction I had recently was when I ran into Flava Flav in New York after the Reebok meet. He knew nothing about the meet but saw me in my uniform and asked me what I was there for. I told him about the meet and he said “that’s what’s up, I can smell that on you,” then he said “you know what else I smell on you a GOLD MEDAL!!!” I smiled and said, “From your mouth to God’s ears!”

Click here to read Sanya’s full WCSN blog.

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