Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When Athletes Blog—David Oliver!

David Oliver is in the driver’s seat heading into the U.S. Olympic Trials. But that doesn’t mean the standout hurdler doesn’t have a lot on his mind.

David took to his blog to share his gracious thoughts with fans. Here is what the America’s top ranked hurdler had to say about Cuba’s Dyron Robles new World Record in the 110-hurdles.

“Today in Ostrava, the guy who I have proclaimed as the best 110 hurdler since 2006, came through with the best performance in the history of the event. A World Record run of 12.87 seconds. Bettering Liu Xiang's performance of 12.88 seconds set in Lausanne in 2006. It was the most amazing race I have ever seen. Congratulations to Robles and his camp for running the record and once again showing the world again how the 110 hurdles is the best event in track and field to watch.

This race has caused me to undertake some changes to my site, as I had Mission: 12.87, now I have had to lower it down to 12.85. I think I should put it at 12.75 because then I might be able to hold on to that title without changing it for a while. I'm sure 12.85 will be surpassed by someone here in the next coming months.”

Click here to read David Oliver’s full blog.

By Jay Hicks.

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