Thursday, June 12, 2008

Instant Analysis – IAAF Meet From Ostrava!

The meet started with a World record in the women’s One Hour Run. Dire Tune of Ethopia set a record in the obscure women’s one hour run, completing 18.517 kilometers at the Golden Spike meet. The Ethopian women are running so well as a group this season that Tune is just having fun. You may recall that Tune is the Boston Marathon Champion.

Can Lolo Jones get past all the hurdles to realize her Beijing dreams? Today’s win by Lolo (12.68) is a confidence booster because she is proving that she can win from behind, in the middle, or with the lead. The time was not overly impressive, but her come from behind victory was. Today Lolo caught Candice Jones, in the final 15 meters from a good four meters behind to win gold in Ostrava.

Wow, Cuba’s Dayron Robles 12.87 World Record in the 110 hurdles was astonishing. The previous record was 12.87 held by China’s Liu Xiang. Robles broke the record because he was technically flawless over the hurdles. The 110 hurdles just got a boost going into Beijing with this race. It was crazy to watch Robles run away from a top shelf hurdler, Terrence Tremmell (13.21), over the last three hurdles and across the line.

By Jay Hicks.


  1. Hey Jay! Thanks for the positive comments! Today was a tuff win! Candance was rollin and I was having pain with my I was glad I could get a win not feeling so hot.

    Lolo Jones
    World Indoor Champion

  2. Hey Lolo--thanks for dropping by the spot! Congrats on the win. Today's race was captivating and entertaining. Keep doing your thing, and we'll keep the fans posted on what is going down.

    Jay Hicks