Thursday, February 28, 2008

When Athletes Blog: Olympic Hopeful Brianna Glenn

Brianna Glenn and Jamie Nieto on the red carpet.

Brianna Glenn isn’t exactly a serious actress. In fact, she’s an elite long jumper, sprinter, and a model.

The Olympic hopeful, and track’s most hilarious persona, wasn’t invited to the Oscars in Los Angeles. However she, Olympian high jumper Jamie Nieto, and agent Paul Doyle did manage to make an Oscar soiree in Boston while in town for indoor nationals.

Track fans need more athletes to represent the sport in an exciting fashion. Has she ever thought of cloning herself? Brianna describes the adventurous evening on her official blog:

“While I was in Boston this past weekend I had the opportunity to attend this fancy gala that was part Oscar party and part fundraiser for Breast Cancer. I guess Boston does their best imitation of Hollywood come Oscar time and they pull out their red carpets and fancy gowns and pretend that there isn’t snow on the ground and real movie stars anywhere to be found. Well, I guess Ben Affleck is from Boston but he wasn’t at this party. I did see some actress I recognized from something I couldn’t quite recall. Anyway, our marketing guy extraordinaire (shout out to Stephen!) scored us a VIP invite, complete with Limo Service and a promise of a gift bag. I figured it probably topped the list of fun things to do in Bean Town so I accepted. Seeing as how I hadn’t planned on going to any black tie affair I was forced to go shopping in order to find something suitable to wear and lucky for me our hotel just happened to be attached to a mall.

My agent went big time and scored a suit from Hugo Boss but seeing as how I had no real need for a big time gown because parties in Tucson rarely call for such extravagant attire, I found a suitable frock at Arden B. and shoes from Aldo, your typical mall stores and the most affordable thing to be found at this particular mall. So, Jamie Nieto and I, along with our agent Paul made our way to this party and had ourselves a good time".

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By Jay Hicks, a.k.a. Track Evangelist

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