Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not So Fast!

The world's fastest man, Jamaican Asafa Powell, in Melbourne yesterday.

The fastest man ever is 50/50 on getting to the starting line this Thursday at one of Australia’s premier meets, where he is a headlining act.

Asafa Powell arrived in Melbourne with four stitches in a deep cut in his knee courtesy of a fall, and the injury forced him to pull out of last Saturday’s grand prix meet in Sydney.

Stitches were removed on Saturday, and Powell still has soreness in the knee. And now, Asafa is seriously considering not running Thursday at Melbourne’s Grand Prix.

"There is still some inflammation inside, so we just have to get rid of that," he told reporters in Melbourne on Tuesday.

We doubt that Powell will take any risk in an Olympic year, and we hope he recovers quickly. But the show must go on!

So, in the mean time, we’ll focus on whether J Dub breaks 45 seconds in his 400-meter season opener. The world’s fastest 400-meter star, Jeremy Wariner, and Texan training partner, Darold Williamson, are confirmed to run the 400.

By Jay Hicks, a.k.a. Track Evangelist


  1. I guess Asafa's pectorial muscle is still inflamed - I'd be worried if it is still inflamed - please tell them to give him some phensic or cafenol - the inflammation will go away.

  2. @ anony: He needs to take something, right? Is it me or does wo months seem like a long time for a pec injury?

    Jay Hicks