Friday, February 15, 2008

Brianna Glenn Graces Sports Illustrated and Blogs About It!

(r)Heather Mitts (soccer), and (c)Lovie Jung (softball), (r)Brianna Glenn (track)

Olympic hopeful Brianna Glenn has a lot to talk about!

The world-class long jumper and sprinter recently posed along side Olympic athletes Lovie Jung and Heather Mitts in ads appearing in the new issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2008.

The casual fan may think track & field is boring. They obviously haven’t come across Brianna.

Before jumping a flight to race in England, the University of Arizona alum posted the following message on her official blog:

“I will be spending the next couple of days in the Big Apple courtesy of Anheuser-Busch and Sports Illustrated. I did a modeling job over the summer that I will be sharing more about when it debuts in the next week or so, and because of that, I get to pretend I am the next Giselle for the next 72 hours.

I get to fly first class, stay in an ultra swanky New York hotel, limo service…the whole nine. All this just to attend a launch party for the magazine. The crazy thing is, I am a teeny-weeny goldfish in this proverbial pond and I still get the red-carpet treatment. It makes me question why I give all my blood, sweat, and tears to a profession that forces me to take the cheapest flights I can find with 9 hour layovers in Uzbekistan, arrive at the airport only to find out nobody has remembered to pick me up, and share a room with Olga, the non-speaking Russian. In fact, I am leaving New York on Wednesday to head across the pond-- in coach of course-- to run a race on Saturday in Birmingham, England.

My life on the catwalk will be short-lived. I plan on enjoying my life as a wannabe supermodel but given the fact that I’m not having any more growth spurts and my only curves come from the weight-room, I doubt I’ll be changing professions any time soon. It’s ok though…I’m quite content with where I deposit my blood, sweat, and tears.”

By Jay Hicks, a.k.a. Track Evangelist


  1. yay for me! awesome post...thanks!

  2. Wow!! The funny thing is, Ms Glenn is not the only extremely gorgeous female track & field athlete out here! I commend her for stepping out, and I wish others on this level would do more for the flavorless sport as well. She's a writer too!!?????
    Perfect post Jay

  3. I agree utactionfigure that Brianna brings much needed flavor to the sport. Track needs more personalities like her!