Saturday, December 15, 2007

2008 Golden League Jackpot Announced

IAAF Golden League Istaf , Berlin, Germany

Run and tell all your friends. Elite professional track athletes make big bank. The IAAF has announced the 2008 Jackpot is $1 million. That doesn’t include appearance fees paid to big name stars. It may not be A-Rod or Lebron James level of tax returns, but it makes them rich.

The big payday races are on the European summer circuit. While there is not much market for professional track in the United States, Europe is a completely different story. The sport, like soccer, is considered as popular in Europe as football, basketball and baseball are here in the States.

The European circuit, named the Golden League, is made up of 10 total meets that include six for men and four for women.

The Golden League Jackpot is shared between any athletes that win their event in all six Golden League meets. The jackpot is shared between all competitors, men and women, equally.

The winner-takes-all setting creates a frenzied environment. Should no one win all six races in their event, then the winners of five events will split $500,000.

Cities and dates for 2008 – IAA Golden League

Berlin, Germany – June 1st

Oslo, Norway – June 6th

Rome, Italy - July 11th

Paris, France – July 18th

Zurich, Switzerland – August 29th

Brussels, Belgium – September 5th

By Jay Hicks, a.k.a. Track Evangelist

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